french fries production line


French Fries|Frozen French Fries Production Line

1.This French Fries Production Line |Frozen French Fries Production line can make french fries,frozen french fries,etc by the different processing machine.
2.The production line can be customized,each machine can be changed(added or deleted ) according to the order.
3.The French Fries Production Line(frozen french fries line) capacity is optional .The fully automatic french fries making plant capacity can be 200kg/h-3000kg/h,etc.
4.French Fries|Frozen French Fries Production Line can be designed according to your workshop.

Process Flow

Frozen French Fries Line Process Flow:
potato prewashing→hoisting and feeding→potato washing and peeling→selecting→cutting into slices or sticks→washing→blanching and color protection→removing water→hoisting→frying→de-oiling→flavoring→frozen→packing

French Fries Line Process Flow:
→Immersing potato then hoisting into the washing peeling machine.
→Washing and peeling potatoes.
→After cleaning, to be delivered to the testing stage, realize manual sorting and finishing peeling potatoes.
→All the cleaned potatoes goes into the french fries cutter to be cut into required shape.Wash the free starch with water.
→French fries are sent to blanching machine after cleaning.Blanching time 7-10 minutes usually.Blanching temperature usually 70℃.
→Using vibrating screen with strong winds to remove the water on the surface. →Send all french fries to the frying machine, the water content of french fries is reduced from 80% to 2%, the products get crispy. 
→Fried french fries to be delivered to seasoning drum machine to add the flavors.
→Then the taste goods french fries send to the packaging line for packing.


french fries |frozen fries production line

french fries|frozen fries production line


√ Consultation service before, during,and after sales,within 24 hours reply.
√ Project planning and design service.
√ Installing and debugging of equipment until everything is functional before shipping.
√ New production techniques and formulas.Machine instruction manual provided.
√ OEM available.We can produce the machine according to the customer demands.
√ Provide 1 year complete warranty and life-time maintenance service.
√ Engineers go aboard to installation and debugging the whole project provided.


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