continuous potato chips line


Potato Chips Production Line

1.This continuous automatic potato chips production line can each machine can be changed(added or deleted ) according to the order.
2.This continuous potato chips production line(potato chips making machine) capacity can be customized.etc.The fully automatic potato chips line capacity can be 200kg/h-3000kg/h,etc.
3.Continuous potato chips making line solutions provided(from raw material to packing customized).
4.This potato chips making machine can make potato chips/crisps,cassava chips,sweet potato chips,etc.

Process Flow

1.First,use the elevator send the potato into the washing peeling machine.
2.Washing and peeling the potato by the washing peeling machine.
3.Delivered to potato chips to the peeling machine for peeling. And then enter the second cleaning machine, washing again the residue on the surface of the potato.
4.Sorting  the peeled potatoes.
5.Then the potatoes feed into the potato slicing machine. 
6.Chips are sent to blanching machine after cleaning.Blanching time 7-10 minutes usually.Blanching temperature usually 70℃.
7.Using vibrating screen with strong winds, will be a single chips and blow the attached water to dry.
8.Sending to frying machine, the water content of potato chips is reduced from 80% to 2%, the products get crispy. Fried chips in the finished product oil content is between 30% and 40%.Potato chips frying time 6 minutes,frying temperature 180℃.
9.Oil-removing line.
10.Sending the fried potato chips to seasoning drum machine to flavoring potato chips, you can add flavor according to the your needs.
11.Last,sending to the packaging line.The finished product will be packaging into needed size and shape.



√ Consultation service before, during,and after sales,within 24 hours reply.
√ Project planning and design service.
√ Installing and debugging of equipment until everything is functional before shipping.
√ New production techniques and formulas.Machine instruction manual provided.
√ OEM available.We can produce the machine according to the customer demands.
√ Provide 1 year complete warranty and life-time maintenance service.
√ Engineers go aboard to installation and debugging the whole project provided.


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