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Chips|Fries Packing Machine

1. chips|fries packing machine application: potato chips, chips, banana chips, nuts, raisins, chocolate, melon seeds, biscuits, seasonings, sauces and other automatic metering packaging.
2. Applicable bag making: self-standing bags, handbags, zipper bags, four-side bags, three-side bags, paper bags, M-folded bags and other composite bags.
3. Design concept Cash, strong equipment stability, less defective products and long service life.
4. PLC electrical control system, man-machine interface setting, simple operation, wide packaging range, can pack liquid, sauce, granules, powder and other materials.
5. Different measurement methods can be selected, such as multi-head scales, measuring cups, liquid scales, etc.
6. Meet the hygiene requirements of food packaging equipment to ensure the hygiene and safety of food.


chips packing machine

chips packing machine


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