frying machine


Frying Machine

1.This continuous deep fryer machine has the coal type,electric heating type,oil temperature and water temperature automatic control type.It can saving 50%oil,40%coal and also saving the electricity.It is made of SUS304 stainless steel material,clean,sanitary and comply with export standards.
2.It has single basket type fryer,semi-auto fryer and fully auto fryer.
3.The oil and water layering automatically after mixing,the oil fried the food after upper heating,the wastes fall into the water and can clear away automatically.
4.This frying machine is differ from the normal fryer which will make the black floating slag changed into the black acidificatin then cause waste.It can reduce the oil smoke and increase the utilization rate of oil.
5.This automatic deep frying machine can fry all kinds of food at the same time without taint of odor.It is a multi-purpose fryer.
6.This frying machine can frying potato chips,french fries,banana/plantain chips,chin chin,meat,chick,beans,samosa,cassava chips,sweet potato chips,etc.
7.The machine can be customized.

Model Capacity Power Weight Size
ZY4000 Fryer Machine 400kg/h 80kw 800kg 4000*1200*2400mm
ZY5000 Fryer Machine 500kg/h 120kw 1000kg 5000*1200*2400mm
ZY8000 Fryer Machine 600kg/h 180kw 1200kg 6000*1200*2400mm
ZY6000 Fryer Machine 800kg/h 200kw 2000kg 8000*1200*2600mm

frying machine

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